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Technical issues with Airwave and ALE 2.0

hi, we have a client that is very concerned with opening up access from their controller to both

Airwave and ALE. They will not allow AP's to talk to Airwave, ALE for some internal corporate reasons.

They would like to know :


1 Airwave
 - Without Airwave talking to the controller, can we manually import AP's with the correct MAC address onto VisualRF mapper,
and have ALE use that information to produce (x,y) estimate. They will not allow Airwave to talk to the controller but wish to use Airwave and ALE
together to get proximity data from ALE.
 - If airwave is to be turned on , Is read-only community string setting on the controller is enough to operate Airwave ?
 - both AMON and SNMP from/to Airwave , controller required?
2. ALE
 - expected traffic increase per AP, for some reasonable WiFi passerby traffic, say 1000.
 - enable ALE only for an AP group. Currently, ALE setup in the controller applies to the entire controller
and not just a subset of AP's. For example, for RTLS we can
   group APs, but we don't see any options for ALE
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