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[Technote] AP Hardware Information

Hello everyone!

Here im putting you all the AP hardware information which is really useful when you comparing vs the other brands hardwre, and well Aruba Hardware is superior! :)


  	       SDRAM memory	FLASH memory	CPU
RAP-3WN(P)	128MB	16MB	AR9344 560MHz
IAP-104/105	128MB	16MB	AR7161 680MHz
IAP-114/115	256MB	32MB	AR9550 700MHz
IAP-134/135	256MB	16MB	88F6560 1.6GHz Single Core
IAP-224/225	512MB	32MB	P1020 800MHz Dual Core
AP93H	         64 MB  16MB	AR7242 390MHz
RAP109	        128MB	32MB	AR9344 560Mhz
IAP93	         64MB	16MB	AR7242 390MHz



You  can see this info yourself by looking it at the console when the AP is booting up.


Its a interesting info i think we should know.


This also let you know  which APs fit best for select as instant cluster master!






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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

Good that you compliled these infromation, definetely will come in handy.:smileyhappy: Good work.

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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information



how mutch ram and wich cpu does the AP215 and 205 have?


Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

Carlos, a few more for your list 


AP-228        512MB    32MB    FSL-P1020

AP-277        512MB    32MB    FSL-P1020

AP-274/5     512MB    32MB    FSL P1020

AP-214/5     256MB    32MB    FSL-P1010

AP-205/H    128MB     32MB    BCM53014A
AP-103        128MB    32MB     AR9344

AP-103H      64MB     16MB      AR9344

RAP-155/P   256MB   32MB     88F6560 




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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information


Do you know RAM/FLASH for 320 series? 



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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

I will get with PLM to verify what I haveand will update this post...

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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

256MB SDRAM 128MB Flash 

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Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

Hi, what aboute ram, memory flash and cpu in the AP207 product?


Re: [Technote] AP Hardware Information

207 Series Campus APs have 256MB SDRAM and 128MB FLASH.

CPU is part of the BCM47452 SOC, ARM A7 at 900MHz.

Why do you need to know?