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[Technote]Maximum Speed MIMO configuration 802.11n

Hello i was looking around my notes and i find something really useful to me  and its a table which tell me the max speed depending on the mimo config  of antennas.  Its really useful when explaning the clients why they bough a antenna for example a AP 105 and their laptops just go up to 65 max speed.    Or why they NEED to see what kind of wireless card they are buying with their laptop and why they just cant buy ANY laptop.    The clients IT department are use to buy any laptop, and they really dont care what kind of antenna it has, when they SHOULD CARE.   


In summery this is really important to know because wireless got a bad reputation because clients see wireless as really slow becuase:

1-They buy crappy bgn 1x1 antenas

2-They just got 2.4ghz capable device(this has happened to me finding clients with just 2.4ghz capable devices and buying a dual band dual radio WIFI)

2-Bad design by the mobility engineer(not part of this technote)

3-Client does not want to buy the best design for it, want always to buy the cheaper design even if you tell them the limitations.


Proper design + good devices with responsable antennas =  GOOD WIFI!


Anyways here is the table i was talking about



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