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The device MUST assure less than 2 ms latency

Hi Team,

I am working on one RFP and need help to answer below questions.

1)The device MUST assure ≤2 ms latency for internal propagation of data-packets between any ingress-port and any egress-port of the AP.

Associated requirements:
The device MUST meet this requirement independent of direction (upstream, downstream) and interfaces (Radios 2,4 or 5GHz, Ethernet, SFP).
The measurement ≤2 ms MUST include all required steps of error checking, parallelisation, dissection/analysis, forwarding, formatting, serialisation etc.

2)AP must provide management information to the controller and 3rd party managament systems. 

3)In case of  local WLAN breakout same functionalities MUST be supported as in tunneling mode.

4)AP with GPON SFP module,  MUST support PPPoE authentication method. Interoperability between AP and GPON equipments SHOULD be demonstrated by the vendor.


Thanks and Regards,

Prabhat Kumar

Re: The device MUST assure less than 2 ms latency

#1 = less than 2ms with WiFi is not guaranteed ever (contention, interference, etc will all impact this). How do they plan on measuring this from wired interface to radio interface without accounting for receiver/client latency? Is this the AP as 'the device' or is this the controller? Is this AP to controller latency? If so, that is wholly dependent on the interconnecting infrastructure. 


#2 - this can be via AMON and SNMP, though 3rd party monitoring will not be able to decipher AMON. SNMP and Syslog are there for 3rd party, as well as NBAPI with AOS 8.0.


#3 - with controller based solutions, there is not 100% feature parity with bridged versus tunneled APs. If bridging is needed, there is the Instant product line. 


#4 - I have never seen ANY AP from any tier 1 vendor with integrated GPON either, most all GPON are external modules (as you cannot deliver PoE with GPON anyway). We do work with multiple GPON vendors, however, it's not on the WLAN AP vendor to prove interop with GPON, GPOn should be doing / demonstrating that.


This sounds like a very exclusionary RFP possibly written by some vendor with an atypical product.

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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Re: The device MUST assure less than 2 ms latency

Thank you so much Jerrod for your answers.

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