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Three controller Fast failover with HA group and LMS IP using VRRP.

Hi all!

At now we have a DC that have two controller (OS6.4) that using model Master redundancy:

- Using Vrrp.

- Config LMS IP as IP of controller1, Backup LMS IP as IP of controller2.

- Confing HA group: two controller running mode dual.


Now we have another site that connect layer2 optic line to DC. As this site we want to have another controller that backup for two controller at DC (the new controller is in the same vlan with two running controller):

I intend to do this please advice me:

- New controller will run as mode local, the master is vrrp ip of the master redundancy system.

I have two options please tell which one is corretly:

1) Config new ap system profile with Lms-ip is vrrp ip, bckup ip is new controller ip.

2) Config ha group that add new controller's role is standby, two old controller's role is dual. Create two ap system profile: the first: lms ip: is master controller ip, bck lms ip: is new controller ip ---- the second: lms ip: is backup master controller ip, bck lms ip: is new controller ip


Please help me. Thank all!




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