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Time and date format



I have seen a post about this (dated of 2009) but I would like to know if it's now possible to change the format of the date and time to an european one ? It's more important in the reports for us.






Re: Time and date format

Found the same thread:



Unfortunately, time and date options still haven't changed.  This is still a great idea and should be upvoted in the ideas portal.  If you can't find the feature request, file a new one to make sure it gets into the system.

Rob Gin
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Re: Time and date format

Ok thanks, so I will do this.





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Re: Time and date format

I wonder, did this ever get anywhere? I can't see it in the ideas forum... I'm keen to be able to change the date format to UK as the Management keep asking me why I am sending one day of data instead of one month! :)

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Re: Time and date format

"Solution" answer has a dead link in it...

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Re: Time and date format

The solution link is dead on this post.


Is there a way to change the Date format in Airwave from USA format to rest of the world!





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