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Time-based bandwidth limiting

How would I go about setting up time-based bandwidth limiting for a guest WLAN?  I already have the WLAN configured with a user-role with a bandwidth contract.  I just need to be able to bump up the bandwidth during a certain time and cut it back down during another.  I am aware of the "time-ranges" tab but I am unsure how to proceed.


I am running a 3400 controller with


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Re: Time-based bandwidth limiting

I think in order to accomplish this you will need ClearPass to apply the policy based on the time and day.

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Re: Time-based bandwidth limiting

The time ranges you can configure in ArubaOS can only be used in the Virtual-AP under the option "deny time range".


If you use a RADIUS server for MAC authentication or 802.1X you can create policies which will return different Aruba-User-Role attributes based on the current time. You also have to return a IETF - Session-Timeout attribute relative to the current time, you should return the amount of seconds until the time the bandwidth contract should change; this forces the client to reauthenticate so the user will fall into a new user-role.


You could also use RADIUS CoA to achieve this, changing the user-role of the connected clients at certain time.



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