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Too many Apple TVs?!

I am running multiple M3/6000 controllers in a master/local configuration.  ArubaOS version is  We are planning an upgrade to 6.3 when it is available for general release.  I have multiple VAPs and they all run on the same VLAN.  One of the VAPs has "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" in an attempt to block Bonjour.  Oddly enough, most of the time Bonjour is blocked.  But, every once in a while an AirPlay device (ie. iPhone) can see other AirPlay devices (ie. ATV's).  But, that's not my current concern.  Soon enough, I will deploy 6.3.x and can use AirGroup.  I know there is an AirGroup release that I could use now.  But, I don't want to go through two maintenance windows in such a short period of time if 6.3.x is going to be GL'ed soon.


Anyway, to support ATV's in our classrooms and lecture halls (we are a University), I created another VAP/ESSID with "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" disabled so that Bonjour isn't blocked.  I can see ATV's from my AirPlay devices that are joined to that same ESSID.  We named each ATV as the room number so that we can differentiate each in the growing list.


We only have about 8 ATV's on this ESSID so far.  However, we went to add the 9th ATV and we got the error in the attachment.  It reads, "There was a problem connecting to the network.  The Wi-Fi network you're attempting to join cannot host any more devices.  Disconnect othehr devices and try again. (-3913)"


I have been scouring the internet and there doesn't appear to be a maimum limit of ATV's for a network since we are not attaching to an iTunes library.  I have read where some institutions have as many as 15 already and others are deploying one in each classroom (upwards of 100 classrooms).  So, is there some limit to the Bonhour protocol given that it is so chatty?  Am I doing something wrong or need to do something to accomodate more ATV's?


Your assistance is appreciated.

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Re: Too many Apple TVs?!

Apple Support is looking like a good option.


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Re: Too many Apple TVs?!

Yeah. I'm going that route as well. Thanks!
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Re: Too many Apple TVs?!

Of course they say that you should be able to connect as many as you want.  But, from a bandwidth constraint standpoint, they recommend no more than about 50.  One thing I need to look at is the amount of Bonjour/mDNS traffic already on the network.  Interestingly enough, I am able to connect the ATV to another ESSID that is on the same VLAN/subnet and it works just fine.  Very strange.

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Re: Too many Apple TVs?!

Just got this error message today - Apple Support HAS NO CLUE!


I've been having Apple TVs drop off the network since September, but intermittently. In fact, one day I stood in front of the display and watched the ATV connect, then disconnect, then connect, then disconnect -- well, you get the idea.


There is SOMETHING screwy with the wireless. TAC has NO CLUE. Apple has NO CLUE. My vendor has NO CLUE!


Not sure where to go now. But retirement is looking better and better every day!


Additional Note:  11/20/13

After more thought I've come to the conclusion that Aruba is not very Apple friendly. I should have heeded the suggestion from an Apple Engineer when he mentioned that Apple uses Cisco in their home office. But, of course, hindsight is 20-20.


Had I known I would have needed to be a wireless engineer to run an Aruba network, I can guarantee you things would have been different.


At this point I am on the verge of recommending a rip and replace. While Aruba talks a good game, their implementation is disastrously short. I remember seeing a placard on the wall of my grandmother's office that read, "Talk is cheap because the supply is greater than the demand."


But I guess what really frosts my birthday cake is that vendors, these days, after doing a mediocre job then want you to think they have done an outstanding job.


So...I shrug my shoulders and soldier on...alone...and that, folks, is the rest of the story.

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