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Tools for VisualRF surveys



In order to improve Airwave's guesses as to the signal strength within VisualRf maps, I am looking to deploy a bunch of mobile phones, such that I can survey a group of locations at one time. Has anyone any experience of this? I'd like to avoid any pitfalls before I purchase 5-10 Wi-Fi mobile handsets!


Re: Tools for VisualRF surveys

Points for originality.  Have you tried to train VRF using site surveys?


The recommended route is to put a laptop in a static location, once you see the laptop appear in VRF, right click on the laptop, go to the surveys and training tab, and then add a static training.  If you select 5 min duration, then the laptop needs to be stationary for 5 minutes.  If you select the default (30 min), then the laptop needs to be stationary for 30 minutes.  If your laptop is fairly new, then you can expect the power to be 100 mW.

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Re: Tools for VisualRF surveys

That's a cool idea!


I've been building a RaspberryPi to use for site surveys.

The plan is to have one at each of our tech-depots and have a local tech take it to a site (grocery store)

where we're having a problem, and have them leave it in various spots for 30 minutes to get a clearer

impression of actual conditions.


We've got kismet on the RaspberryPi and will have VisualRF do surveys. We can compare the two devices'

opinions of conditions.




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