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Tracking down CoA issues.



Three questions

1). On our 8.5 mobility master, if I do a 


cd /md/uoy/dev

sh airgroup cppm-server rfc st

I get

(arubammdev0) *[dev] #show airgroup cppm-server rfc3576 st

Showing AirGroup info from /md/uoy/dev

AirGroup RFC3576 Statistics
Server Disc Req No Secret Bad Auth Invld Req Pkts Dropped Unknown service CoA Req CoA Acc CoA Rej No perm
------ -------- --------- -------- --------- ------------ --------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 20 0 20 0
RFC3576 port number : 5999
Packets received from unknown clients : 60
Packets received with unknown request : 0
Total RFC3576 packets Received : 80


So there are 20 CoARequests and 20 CoA rejects ... associated with


So is that from to the controller or at 230.6 from the controller Also 60 packets received from unknown clients ... how can I find out what they are ?


I assumed it might be a wrong shared key, but doing a "encrypt disable;write t " shows the two ip addresses have the right shared key defined.


2). I've made my own set of airgroup profiles, copying the default_.... ones and subsequently modifying as appropriate on our mobility controllers. If the mobility master deals with all airgroup stuff, should it have the same definitions visible? A "write t" on the mm shows just the default settings.


3). I'm sort of assuming that this is related to (1)  ... I've a chromecast Ultra 4K which is connected to a 2930 switch port. The switch uses PUTN to direct traffic to the mobility controller. I can see its mac address on the mobility controller but it doesn't appear as an airgroup device either in clearpass or on the controller. If I manually associate it with the mobily master then things sping into life and my iphone can cast  video to the chromecast.


a sh airgroup cppm policy-entries

shows a "CLI overlap" against the chromecast mac address.Thing is,  other devices connecting via wifi just work.



MVP Expert

Re: Tracking down CoA issues.

o.k. so seem to have managed to get CoA requests from 230.6 to the mm working ....

still think its some form of black magic  though.


What I need is some form of airgoup diagram with a mobility master and some controllers showing how airgroups works and how the various components interact with each other. It's not clear whst functionality hapens on the mm and what happens on the mobility controllers.... and when you add CoA into that it gets more confusing. 


And what invokes sending an airgroup authorization service packet to clearpass ... I would hope that using clearpass guest to update airgroup shared user  settings woud cause an Airgroup auth svc  event ... but doesn;t seem to


Lots of airgroup questions ... not found enough documentation

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