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Transmit power.. I need to understand!

Hey all,

So I am looking to increase or decrease the power being fired out of my AP depending on the situation (site survey). I see that I can manipulate the power output by changing the EIRP setting until the ARM configuration for the radio.

Now what I am failing to wrap my brain around is that 127 EIRP equates to full power. Then next lowest selection on the drop down is 33. What does that equate to? I appreciate that determining EIRP is dbm - gain + loss but if I have a client side piece of hardware that does 10dbm, how do I determine what to set my EIRP to?

I think I may just need a different explanation than I have read. Just to see it another way. It can't be as difficult as I making it out to be in my brain.


Re: Transmit power.. I need to understand!

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the chat earlier today on this stuff... to build on our discussion

Client EIRP = TxPower + Antenna Gain - Loss

Really comes down (as we chatted about) to getting an idea from the prospect which client(s) they will field and going from there...

They may be with an integrated antenna or a short cable depending if the client is under the bus drivers dashboard, or in a compartment, or in plain site (say on the front windshield of the bus).

Let me know when you get the client info and I will help you from there.
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Re: Transmit power.. I need to understand!

Thanks for the reply. I was curious as to why when I lower the Max EIRP the settings are changing on the AP. I just thought it was interesting. I just want to know if I am missing something.

When I get that info I'll certainly let you know and we can figure it out.


Transmit power.. I need to understand!


Looking forward to it. Your main goal will be to 'match' both sides of the AP --- Client link. Always a good practice.
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