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Trouble adding BW contract, cant find where to add it.

I'm trying to set up a per user policy BW policy. Since we are having trouble with a few users using most of the bandwith.


Right now I'm trying to set up a BW contract according to the aruba manual, but can't get it to work.

I can create a BW contract without problem, but having trouble appling it to the enviroment.


The trouble i'm having is i cant find out how to add the BW contract to a user role. Or if its supposed to be added somewhere else, but since i'm not that at home with aruba, im trying to follow the manual. But when i follow the manual I can't get it to work, maybe i missed something obvious.


It's an aruba 3200 with arubaos


This is what I see on the webgui, at first no edit button only a view button, then when i click view i can change some properties but not any BW contract properties.








Re: Trouble adding BW contract, cant find where to add it.

If there is only a view button; check whether you have the PEFNG license?......are you logged into a local controller?....Do you have root access or read only?


It should be listed under Role VLAN ID within the user role configuration:



In newer AOS versions, it is on the Bandwidth Contracts tab within the role configuration:




It doesn't look like yours is showing this.  Can you try another browser or delete your cache on that browser and try again?

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Re: Trouble adding BW contract, cant find where to add it.

Checked the licences on the aruba and the PEFNG licence is missing. Thanks =)

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