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Trouble converting CAP to RAP



I have 2 types of APs, mainly AP225 and IAP225.


When I convert IAP225 to CAP using the IAP WebUI, the process was successful.


However when I used AP225 (which was previously used as a CAP) to convert to RAP, the status showed down in the controller, however I was able to ping the AP's IP address.


Both AP are using static IP.

I have 2x 7210 controllers running AOS that are managed by Virtual Mobility Master running the the same OS version.


I also manually added the whitelist and the security is using PSK.


Thank you

Re: Trouble converting CAP to RAP

RAPs need some controller side configuration for proper operation (such as VPN services, IP Pools, AP groups, etc.).


Have you put all the RAP base configurations in place?

Here is the VRD for RAPs (written for 6.x but still valid):



Also it is often worthwhile checking the controller system log for any error message related to your RAP.

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Re: Trouble converting CAP to RAP


I did add VPN services, IP Pools for RAPs, but must we create AP group specifically for RAPs ?


I can use IAP to convert to RAP but unable to do so when I am using CAP.



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Re: Trouble converting CAP to RAP

Just a note on something you mentioned, you are running a VMM environment with RAPs. Are you using clustering within this environment?


PSK RAPs do not support clustering, try again with certificate based RAPs. Make sure your RAP whitelistdb entry is on the MM not on the controllers.


Make sure your AP System Profile is unique to the RAPs as well, it is often that the LMS/BLMS IP addresses cause issues when shared between CAP + RAPs

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Trouble converting CAP to RAP



My VMM is configured as Active/Standby and my MDs are configured as clustering.


You mentioned that PSK RAP is not supported when running VMM ?


I did manage to convert IAP to RAP using the same environment.

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