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Trying to push out campus vlans to branch controller

I managed to get my 7010 successfully connected to my master 7220 at HQ on port 4094 int. G0/0/15. It's reachable via ssh and WebUI. The global config from the master has been pushed out to the 7010.


Uplink Management Table
Id  Uplink Type  Properties  Priority  State      Status      Reachability
--  -----------  ----------  --------  -----      ------      ------------
1   Wired        vlan 4094   200       Connected  * Active *  Reachable


Now I want to extend  existing client vlans from our HQ controller and connect APs to the 7010. Do I do this by configuring vlans directly on the 7010 or do I use the Smart Config Branch Config Group on the master? Or some of both? Do I need to do any further configuration on the 7010 or is everything now done through the Branch Config Group on the master 7220?


Specifically, I want to:

- Connect APs to the 7010 and push an AP-Group to the AP using existing VAPs from our HQ 7220. Clients should get leases from our centralized campus DHCP server in vlans existing on the HQ 7220.

- Use existing vlans from our HQ 7220 for wired client connections also using our centralized DHCP server for leases.


Not sure if I configure these using the "User Vlans" section (Networking tab) or "DHCP Pool" section (Routing tab) on Smart Config, or do I create the L2 vlans directly on the 7010?


I'm trying to do all of this by only looking at the ArubaOS 6.4.4.x User Guide but am getting lost. Is there a VRD or other guide available?


For testing, I provisioned the branch controller using "mini-setup" mode and it successfully found the HQ master. In production I'll need to use full-setup mode because we are given a static IP from the broadband provider. The full-setup mode parameters are a little confusing and I don't see step by step for full-setup in the UG.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Trying to push out campus vlans to branch controller

Hey, first question is how have you connected the 7010 controller to the 7220? Is this via Master-Master-Backup or Master-Local? This will determine how the AP's terminate on the 7010 controller (e.g LMS/BLMS) In either instance you will will need to configure the VLAN's locally on each controller.


For example, if you are using VLAN 200 as your Corp VLAN within the Corp VAP, you'll need to ensure this VLAN is present on both of the controllers.


If you already have a centralized DHCP server (i.e the controller is not providing DHCP for your clients) you will need to configure the VLAN interface as a Layer 3 interface (so give it an IP address) and if the DHCP server is not present in that VLAN then add an ip-helper address to point the clients to the centralized DHCP server.


Have a look at the below VRD's as these have always helped me.





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