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Tunnel mode GRE number - what exactly is it for?

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I posted the below as a REPLY to someone else's thread but I didn't get a response.  Hence, I started a new post for it instead ... thank you.


Consider this as an example:

interface tunnel 88

        description "Tunnel to anchor"

        tunnel mode gre 88

        tunnel source

        tunnel destination


        tunnel vlan 888



My question is: tunnel mode gre <num>   - is this <num> a 16-bit protocol type of the payload packet as per the GRE packet header in RFC 2784 ???


In the example above, I use tunnel mode gre 88, and the config works.   I changed it to some other number, says 14, it also works.


ArubaOS continues to support L2 GRE tunnel type zero, but it is recommended to use a non-zero tunnel type.     So what is the real use of this <num> as in tunnel mode gre <num>?


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Re: Tunnel mode GRE number - what exactly is it for?

I believe it allows the controller to differentiate between multiple GRE tunnels. If you have multiple layer 2 GRE tunnels the controller would no layer 3 details (IP & Netmask) to identify the tunnels by...

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