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Tunneled traffic is intermittant

I'm trying to set up a guest wireless solution. First I was testing the tunneling settings on my WLAN to my controller. When my test host connected, it got an IP from the DHCP server I have on the same subnet as the controller. AFter that, the connectivity gets intermittant. I thought it might be roles but even with authenticated as a default role, it still fails. I also thought it might be an address conflict but even with a reservation, I get the same behavior. I'll be able to ping the host for about 30 seconds and then it drops off the network. Any suggestions on where I should check first? I just want to rule out the aruba portion of the system before moving forward. 


Re: Tunneled traffic is intermittant

  1. Does the device receive the IP address offer by DHCP and does it Accept the IP and send a DHCP acknowledgement?
  2. Does the device make it into the user-table of the controller?
  3. After the pings stop, does the device still show in the user-table? 
  4. Do you have any other devices on guest that continue to work or is this the only one? 
  5. Have you tried connecting the device to a different AP? 
  6. In the AP's LMS controller, try "show ap client trail-info <mac>" and view the deauth events. What do they show?

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Re: Tunneled traffic is intermittant

Sorry for the late reply. Covid got us all and I wasn't on a site with our guest network deployed. 


1. Yes

2. yes

3. yes

4. All devices on the guest network seem to do this. Tested with two laptops and a phone

5. Not yet as we're only testing at one site so far. I can try on another site if needed. 

6. I get the following output for this:


Deauth Reason
Reason                           Timestamp
------                           ---------
Unspecified Failure              Jul 29 11:18:40
Sapcp Ageout (internal ageout)   Jul 29 11:06:56
Num Deauths:2



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