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Turning Air Monitors into Access Points

Hi community,


Is there any way to turn an AM into AP based in the load traffic in the others APs (load balancing)???


I've checked the handbook and ARM Aware may turn the AMs into APs but only when it detects coverage holes, so it doesnt work for me.



Thank in advance :smileywink:




Re: Turning Air Monitors into Access Points



Their is no way to do this based on load today.  One question I would have would be what are you using your dedicated AMs for today?  The Aruba system can do many AM functions simultaneously while also serving as an AP, including spectrum, WIPS, packet capture, etc.  Trade-off typically would be rogue/adhoc/client protection effectiveness (i.e., DoS'ing or Tarpitting rogue AP).  Is it an option to place the AM into AP mode in your environment without major trade-off?  I assume so since you would like to see this done dynamically.  





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