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Turning a standalone into a Master Local

We have a standalone 3600 controller at my DC that serves for all of my RAPs (170 total).  We purchased a 3400 to install at our corporate office so we can reconfigure as a master/local environment.  I have already installed the same version code ( on the 3400 that sits on the 3600 and racked it with the correct management IP address I would like, but that's it.  All necessary routing is set up between the two sites.


I've never set this up before so I'm not sure how to proceed.  I need to know what info will pull on to the master once I syncronize the two and what will still need to be configured.  I plan on using pooled licensing and right now all of the licensing we need sits on the 3600 standalone.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Turning a standalone into a Master Local


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Re: Turning a standalone into a Master Local

Hi  Colin,


I saw this video earlier.  Although it helps with the syncronization process, it still doesn't answer the questions I have above.  Besides the coding, management IP and interfaces, is there any other configurations I need to be aware of that don't replicate across?  I know my whitelists and profiles will but is that it?


And as far as the pooled licensing, I just enable that feature once the two controllers are talking to each other, correct?

Re: Turning a standalone into a Master Local

Controller-specific things like controller-ip, SNMP, NTP, etc will also not replicate so those will need to be configured, but everything else will rpelicate down from the master to the local once setup.


As far as centralized licensing, that's correct.

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