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[Tutorial] Provisioning RAPs with Aruba Activate Dec13-Tutorial

Hello! everyone

This is my first tutorial for the contest, and its about how you deploy Remote APS with Aruba Acitivate, which will help you to do fast mass deployment of RAPS with Aruba Activate!


This Tutorial Assumes that:

1-You already configured the  AP  as RAP on the Mobility controller


This tutorial just shows you the part of ArubaActivated, how to configure it!


Lets Start:


  1. We need to create an Aruba Activate account so we need to go to https://activate.arubanetworks.comArubaActivate_webpage.PNG
  2. You need to click on Request Login, and also fill the data!(after this you will need to wait a few days for the access!Request_Login.PNG
  3. When you already got your account you need to login in the ArubaActivate site
  4. After loging you will see this panelDevice_List.PNG
  5. Now you need to go to setup! which is on the red box, click thereDevice_List_setup.png
  6. After that you will be on the setup page, now we need to create a folder, which is on the left sideCreating a Folder.PNG
  7. Click new and fill the spaces, in my case i created a new one which is IAP to RAP, then click done
  8. Now we need to move the AP to the folder so we need to get back to  device, so click on device which is next to the setup button you clicked before.
  9. After that you need to select the AP like this and choose the folder like thisMover_a_folder.pngMover_a_folder_2.PNG
  10. Fill everything and also select the folder you want, in this case im using hte folder IAP to RAP
  11. Now we need to create the rule!, so we click again to the setup button!
  12. So on Rule click new like this Crear_Regla.PNG
  13. On rule type select provisioning rule
  14. On foler select the folder you created, which in my case is IAP to RAP
  15. On provisioning type put  IAP to RAP(controller)
  16. On controller, put the IP Address of the controller(remember that you need to port forward port udp 4500 on the controller!!
  17. Rule name, put whatever you want

Now you are done!


Now all the APS that you put in that folder will be provisioned automatically! now you dont need to go to each AP to configure this!.  I mean putting the public Ip of the controller in each RAP individually because it will do it automatically!


As other notes:

  1. Aruba mostlikely will put all your devices in your account automatically, so dont have to add them manually
  2. The aruba Activated helps you a lot because you can have an inventory of all your aruba deivces which is great!
  3. The IAP does not need to be on factory default, it just need to reach the internet connection, and thats it!, if you got one configured already, you can just reboot your IAP and it will do everything automatically! for example i had a RAP109 configured at home and i just had to reboot it, and wait for the magic of aruba Activate to auto provision my RAP 109 and convert it to RAP managed by my controller which is on my office!
  4. You can have multiple folders which each one point to different controllers if you need!
  5. If for some reason they do not add the other devices you got, you can ask aruba to add them for you OR you could add them yourself, by just clicking add device and filling the information like thisadd device.PNG


Anyways i hope this help you all, as the aruba activate has help me a lot! its a great tool!





Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: [Tutorial] Provisioning RAPs with Aruba Activate Dec13-Tutorial

Did you call support to have them add a PO if APs do not appear automaticly?

Sean Rynearson
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