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Two 650 Controllers licensing

Hey there all, I'm looking at putting two 650 controllers on the same network (right now they are masters on two different networks) and am wondering how the licensing works. I have 16AP licenses for each controller and thus would like to be able to use up to 32 AP's on this network (until I can get the budgeting to replace the controllers with a newer, higher capacity one or go instant). Can I put them in a master\local arrangement and get that capacity (by putting all 32AP licenses on the master even though each 650 can only handle 16) or do I need to find a way to go with two masters? Any info would be helpful.



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Re: Two 650 Controllers licensing

Yes, as long as you're running 6.3+. You can also just leave 16 on each and
they'll be shared. You won't get much benefit from centralized licensing
here though because each controller can only handle 16 max.

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Re: Two 650 Controllers licensing

thanks for the quick response.

So, setting them up as master\local and leaving the licensing on each controller will work. Do I then need to force AP's to use a specific controller? Do I need to leave some spare licensing space on the master for when AP's reboot and look for the master?


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Re: Two 650 Controllers licensing

Hi Friend,


Solution is as follows,

1. Bring up Master-Local setup 

2. Disable ADP on both the controllers

3. Configure two AP-Groups.

4. AP-Group1 : LMS IP= Master Controller IP, AP-Group2: LMS IP=Local Controller IP

5. Provision APs with Master IP (Master controller IP ) through DHCP or DNS

6. Once all APs terminate on Master, Provision 16 APs with AP-Group1 and remaining 16 APs with AP-Group2


This is the ideal solution for you requirement. Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Two 650 Controllers licensing

perfect. thanks for the details. Steve
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