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UCC not showing all WiFi calls made

UCC on my controller is not showing calls that come from my phone. It shows lots of Iphone calls and a few android calls but for some reason my phone when calling over the wifi network doesnt seem to show up on ucc. Any ideas?

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Re: UCC not showing all WiFi calls made

I too am seeing this issue and have been seeing it for a couple of months. Seems like Wi-Fi calls on iPhones are showing up consistently but Androids are inconsistent or altogether missing. 


I have tested this on 7010 and 7220 controllers running both and The two Android phones I have to test with are a Droid Turbo and a Nexus 5 both with current 6.0.1 OS release. 


I have tried calls of 1-2 mins as well as 5-10 mins and neither shows up. 


On a side note I was told we also could not see Skype 4 Business cloud calls on the dashboard or in AMP but I am onsite with a customer now who is using cloud hosted Skype 4 Business and we are seeing their calls. No difference in ArubaOS versions or AMON settings as I used the same script to enable AMON on both controllers. 


There seems to be some inconsistency with the UCC info that is being presented. 

Michael McNamee
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Re: UCC not showing all WiFi calls made

Thanks Mike.


That sounds pretty much just whats happening with me. Now I know its not a config issue. Cause i was racking my brain. I am also seeing skype4b calls. So thats weird.  Thanks for the feedback.



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