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USB to serial (db9)

I have just received the Aruba demo kit C - The problem is, my laptop does not support a db9 serial connection,so can't run CLI I am running windows 7 (64 bit) . There seem to be many USB to serial adapters out there, and many good and bad reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Re: USB to serial (db9)

Try one from IOGear or Belkin.  I've used both in the past and I've had success with multiple OS.




Re: USB to serial (db9)

Two comments/recommendations for you :



1) Stay away from USB cables that require the Prolific drivers.  They cause tons of  Blue Screen issues.  




2) Go for a $12  FTDI style USB-serial cable.   Reliable as it comes, and self installing drivers built-in (always nice) for windows.    PLUS not one single blue screen :)      


3 Cheers for FTDI ! 

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Re: USB to serial (db9)

Mike, thanks for the input,
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Re: USB to serial (db9)

Thanks, I will give this route a shot. Agreed, USB seems to be problematic.
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Re: USB to serial (db9)

Maybe you could give a try at http://ser2net.sourceforge.net/


hava linux box with 2 onboard serial and profilic usb adapter running....


with junos no problem, also with arubaos.




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