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Unable to authenticate socket connection

I have a problem setting up the Aruba TAG. I have a 315 IAP, beacons app and tags app. Also, I have a meridian account and I make maps without problems, add the TAG with de QR code and give it a name.


Now the problems: 

1. In the TAG apps, I can't see my tag in the map because apper the following message: Unable to authenticate socket connection. Thus, the asset tracking don't work. 


2. In the IAP configuration I need a BLE Asset Tag Mgmt Server, but i don't know in what part i can set up this. I think could be in the certificate but i'm not sure. 


What can I do? Thaks for help!!!




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Re: Unable to authenticate socket connection

If you are an Aruba partner and have access to Arubapedia, here is a setup guide for Asset Tracking.


One of the critical steps is that you need to import a Geotrust certificate in your Instant AP:


Please note that as the websocket endpoint uses wss protocol (secure websockets), the server certificate is validated by the websocket library. In cases where we use a Meridian endpoint (with the *.meridianapps.com domain), the server is signed by a GeoTrust root certificate, requiring the user to add the root CA certificate to your IAP. Be sure to select PEM as the certificate format and Trusted CA as the certificate type. The root CA certificate for Meridian is available at: https://knowledge.geotrust.com/library/VERISIGN/INTERNATIONAL_AFFILIATES/GeoTrust/GeoTrust_Global_CA.pem

Adding GeoTrust Root Certificate to the Virtual Controller (Instant AP)

On the VC web portal navigate to Maintenance > Certificates



If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Unable to authenticate socket connection

Due to HPE move, here is the new link: https://afp.arubanetworks.com/afp/index.php/Asset_Tracking_with_Meridian:_Configuration_Steps


I'm trying to make it works on a Mobility Master version but I can't find the

ble_relay mgmt-server

command as requested (ble_relay or similar is not found).

Do you know in which context I need to enter the command?


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