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Unable to install VIA Client



 I'm trying to install latest VIA client on Windows 7 x32 but i throws a unable to install and revert to des install itself. Any advice to look for?  VIA version it's 




Re: Unable to install VIA Client

I had some similar challenges when I had an older copy of VIA resident on the laptop.   Have you completely un-installed the old (say pre 2.x) version if there was one on the same machine?

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Re: Unable to install VIA Client

This is probably something you tried, but we had more luck putting the installer in a folder, right clicking on a command prompt to "run as administrator" and running it that way.


Windows Vista/7 are funny in that even though you are logged in as administrator you still need to run the prompt as administrator from time to time.


You can also right click on the installer and select "run as administrator."


It's just a thought...

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