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Unassign Slot/Port

Hi, anyone know why  it shows me the question marks on the part of Slot / port if  I have users in that AP. And the users have problems in the Aps that have question marks in that part.


(LOCAL-DOS) #show ap database group APG-BN long

AP Database
Name     Group   AP Type  IP Address       Status         Flags  Wired MAC Address  Serial #     Slot/Port  FQLN  Outer IP
   ----          -----       -------       ----------               ------           -----           -----------------            --------       ---------     ----       --------
28.1.1   APG-BN    70       Up 59m:12s            00:0b:86:c4:f0:26    A50031655      ?/?        N/A      N/A
28.1.2   APG-BN    70       Up 59m:12s            00:0b:86:c4:f0:2c    A50031658      3/0        N/A      N/A
28.2.1   APG-BN    70       Up 59m:12s            00:0b:86:c4:f0:2a    A50031657      ?/?        N/A      N/A
28.2.2   APG-BN    70       Up 59m:12s            00:0b:86:c4:f1:2a    A50031785      3/0        N/A      N/A



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Re: Unassign Slot/Port

The slot and port normally indicates the slot and port interface that the traffic from that AP is coming into the controller.  The ??? does not in itself mean anything.

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