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Understanding "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration"



I am deploying some AP135's with 6000controller. 


I am trying to understand the purpose of the "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration" in the ap-grpup. 


The requirement is to deploy the APs on a tagged vlan(16), and the edge ports where the APs are being connected will be native to vlan-1. 


I have attached some screenshots for understanding. 



Re: Understanding "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration"

That configuration would be applied to the e0 port of ALL APs that have this profile in the AP-Group.  Note that in your example, you have the "default" profile.  Because this is used in ALL AP Groups, changing e0 could have disasterous results on the network.


I would recommend using the "save as" button and then saving everything to a non-default profile that would only be applied to this AP group


A bigger question remains on why you are required to do this?  With Aruba, we are a pure overlay on the LAN.  You shouldn't need to trunk VLANs to the APs if all user traffic is terminating at the 6000

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Re: Understanding "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration"

Hi Seth, 


I just wanted to show as a example. This is lab setup. 


let me say i have a bridge ssid with vlan 20, in the VAP.  


The AP is connected to a port which is native to vlan 1 and trunk vlan 20. Should i config the e0 port, as "wired ap enable" and configure the port as trunk and native vlan1, and trunk vlan 20? 



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Re: Understanding "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration"



Leave that profile alone.  As long as you have a VAP that is  configured with a forwarding mode of bridged with a VLAN that does not equal1 it will send the tagged traffic from that VAP to the enet0 port tagged with that VLAN, without you modifying anything.


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Re: Understanding "Ethernet interface 0 port configuration"

Hi Colin, 


Thank you for help. 



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