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Understanding the best option for AP failover


I have a simple estate of a Master/Standay,

2 x Locals on Site 1 and 2 X locals on site 2 connected over private fibre.

Currently the HA is done with VRRP and 2 VRID with a Master on each of the locals.


I recently reload one of the controllers and the AP took a while to come back, and if this would have been during the working day, would have impact.


After researching a little, i was thinking of dowing Active:Active with both Locals in Dual mood and still load balance.


Would this mean a GRE tunnel to both locals (primary and backup tunnel) and failover be in the seconds rather than minutes.


Also would moveing to ArubaOS - 8 have more options? 

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Re: Understanding the best option for AP failover

AOS8 has clustering, that would nearly eliminate any downtime in case of MD controller failure, but requires the MM in addition to your setup.

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