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Unicode support in SSID name?

I've looked through documentation but can't find any reference to ArubaOS supporting Unicode characters in the SSID name (to be able to use Emoji for example).


Anyone know of a way to do this, should I make a feature request for Unicode support?

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Re: Unicode support in SSID name?



Yes., SSID name (ESSID) should be an alpha numeric only. can you share the use case where you need SSID name in Unicode ?

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Unicode support in SSID name?

@mzac wrote:

to be able to use Emoji for example

oh please, i hope they never ever will even consider this.
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Re: Unicode support in SSID name?

[sorry, had not realised how old this post was, still a valid issue as cannot enter unicode characters in the control pages]


I am not sure what you mean by sharing the use case?


I could ask if you can you share the "use case" where an ESSID would need the letter "q" in an ESSID? Well, only by picking an SSID with a "q" in it! So here goes - the ESSID "💩" - that is an equally valid "use case" for you to any other ESSID you can pick.


However, being slightly less frivolous, given that the ESSID can explicitelly be encoded using UTF-8, and the Aruba AP even has an option to set that specifically, it is clear that one might wish to use UTF-8 encoded ESSIDs. The only reason to use UTF-8 is to use unicode characters beyond the simple "alphanumeric" set that is readily included in ASCII.


Now, by editing the config file, or in some cases typing percent/hex coded characters in to the config page, one can enter unicode characters including emojis.


So the APs clearly support this, as do many devices (iPhone, Andriod, Mac, Windows laptop). As such there is no reason to restrict the input in the config page. 



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