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Unified Wireless and Wired VLANs?



Is there an issue with using a VLAN for both wired and wireless traffic? For instance if I have a server that has a ACL restricting access to a particular range of IP address inside a VLAN,  is it bad to both assign that VLAN to wired ports and wireless users (based on role derivation from Clearpass) in order to keep the same level of security?   As long as broadcast and Multicast traffic is being mitigated what are the downsides?


Likewise if I have an small office that has limited wired ports and primarily wireless users,  is it acceptable to have those users dropped on the same VLAN?

Re: Unified Wireless and Wired VLANs?

It shouldn't be an issue specially if have enable drop M/B but of course like you mentioned there's less flexibility when comes down to restricting access you will have to be specific on your ACL

But of course if you have the option to segment your traffic that should be the route to go
Thank you

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