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Unknown SSID



I'm having a really weird problem with some iAPs and airwave. When I look at client usage via an SSID in airwave for a site cluster, I see an SSID listed called 'Unknown' and it shows a lot of clients associated and traffic passed, yet this isn't configured anywhere on my APs!


Anyone seen this before and might know what causes it?!




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Re: Unknown SSID

ceck the mac address, the ones i see are apple multicast type addresses. do a search on the web for the mac and you might get more info.

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Re: Unknown SSID

I have same issue. It shows that there are 316 clients. There are no any Apple MAC or other addresses under it when you click on it. We do not advertise any ''-" SSID. Is it a bug? If not, how can we fix it then? Please see screenshots:

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Re: Unknown SSID

using a recent OS version? sounds like a TAC case.

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Re: Unknown SSID

I opened a TAC case, it was not related to an OS version. Here is what happened:

- Controller config status was unknown

- Device config audit was disabled {Audit was enabled under Group/Basic}

- There was only one group used for all types of devices (controllers and APs) {New groups were created for 7210, 7030 and 7205 controllers}

- There was Aruba GUI Config enabled under Group/Basic {Was disabled}

- Also there was an old template used for config comparison {New config template was created for every group}

- SNMP string was missing on a controller


Hopefully it helps someone.


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