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Update AW Database - Immediately Poll System

We would like to force AW to poll the system and pull in all current data and not wait for historical data.


We are making a lot of modifications to the connected controllers and we would like to see our progress quickly.


We have 100's of controllers so using AW to generate a report is the best choice but all reporting data is from yesterday.


How can we tell AW to:


1. Poll for new data now and report it




2. Purge data in AW so it is forced to poll for new information


We are trying to obtain the most up to date Device Inventory Report.



Re: Update AW Database - Immediately Poll System

To force AirWave to poll a device ->

Go to a controller and choose the 'poll now' option.


To do this in bulk, you will want to go to a list view that can list all controllers, then use the 'modify devices' link above the device list table -> this will get you checkboxes in which you can check all controllers and then issue a poll now from the options below the device list table.


Then to report it, create a new Device Inventory Report -> run it from '1 hour ago' to 'now' to get an image of the last hour.  Note that all device pollings must be complete for the report to be accurate, some devices take longer than 2 minutes to poll -> you will see polling status on the controller's monitor page above the device info box.


Purging data is done by editing historical data values, and then initializing the database clean up.  This is not a recommended path as the older data may be desired to compare to the new data.

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