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Update to 7.6.4 - Manual changes to device management don't save

Previously had 7.6.2 running as a VM in ESXi and manually downloaded the update package and script and placed it in the /root directory and ran start_amp_upgrade -v 7.6.4.


Upgrade seemed to run alright, no errors, AMP reported it was the new version.


After the update, when I manage a device I cannot save manual changes to the device configuration.  Importing configuration from the device still works. I can hit save and apply, but it doesnt take me to the apply now/schedule application


Amp_disable completes but with an error.  Amp_enable doesn't seem to bring the httpd service back up and the AMP web portal is unreachable.


service httpd restart corrects this and I can again reach the web portal.


I guess I have 2 questions, is the behavior for managing devices expected on the new version and what log files should I be looking at to see what errors I am getting when trying to start AMP.


What other information should I collect or would be useful?


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Re: Update to 7.6.4 - Manual changes to device management don't save

Opening a support case is suggested at this point.


Meanwhile, some logs to view:


-> make sure there are no problems starting web services


-> make sure processes are starting up and not stuck in a startup loop


-> look for crash messages that pertain to user interaction with the GUI


Not knowing the details of your system / setup, AMP services generally take about 5-10 minutes to come back up.  For systems at or beyond load, services have been observed to stretch towards/beyond the 15 minute mark.

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Re: Update to 7.6.4 - Manual changes to device management don't save

Thank you.  There are currently a pretty small number of devices reporting into airwave (<60) and we are about 50% complete on our deployment so I do not believe we should be stressing any services based on our configuration.


The low level service watcher rings a bell as I think I saw something in /var/logs/messages pertaining to that.  I usually like to have my ducks in a row before opening support tickets.


Thanks for your fast response.



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