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Updating my Firmware for instant.


I am looking for some help in updating my Firmware for my 225's and 335's. I went to the updating page in Instant and it looks like I need 2 firmware's but instant is only giving me 1. Also, do you know if after I update instant will I need to update Airwaves I am at AirWave Management Platform  

It has been a long time since I have updated the firmware so I apologize for the most basic of questions. I am trying to update because my clients are getting about half the speed as wired so I am thinking this will help.


Thank you so much for any help, it is much appreciated! 


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Re: Updating my Firmware for instant.

You'll need to update your Airwave to at least version  If you update to an Instant version of 8.4 or above, you'll need to update to Airwave 8.2.8.  Not sure about your firmware not showing, we use Airwave to update access points.

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Re: Updating my Firmware for instant.



you could use this two links, this should give you an idea of how to update the firmware from instant and also using Airwave.






hope this helps..




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