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Upgrade Aruba 650 Controller firmware.

Hi Guys,


I'm novice to Aruba product.

This is my 1st attempt to upgrade Aruba OS > 5.0.4.x >

Apart from the guide provided by the Aruba, anything else that I will need to take care of?




I have 2 controllers same model and OS version running HA.




My plan was to remove Master controller from production to perform upgrade and while Standby controller will take over to provide wireless service. After which, I will remove Standby for upgrade and Master to provide wireless service. Final, will put standby back to the original position.



Re: Upgrade Aruba 650 Controller firmware.

There will be a disruption anyway as the APs upgrade their firmware which will be about 10-15 mins.  Personally I would schedule an outage of at least an hour to give yourself room to work.


In a master-backup design, I would shutdown the vrrp on the backup, upgrade that, then the master.  Let the APs upgrade, then open the vrrp on the backup (make sure the priority is less than master).  Ensure it is all fine and manually syncronise the database from the master (# database syncronize).


Do it all again for the next version.


The upgrade procedure in the release notes is the best guide though.

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Re: Upgrade Aruba 650 Controller firmware.

Thanks manz.... :smileyvery-happy:

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