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Upgrade from M1 to M3



I'm planning an upgrade from M1 to M3 in a 6000 Controller (which is the master in my network), I'm also using CPsec with a certificate issued from a CA in my master controller.


Are there some considerations to take into account or simply doing a "backup flash" on  M1 and a "restore flash" in M3 is enough??


Thank you

Re: Upgrade from M1 to M3


Yes [I once did it from 2400 to 6000 SC-128 ] it can be done :smileyhappy:

You need to  be aware and check it very good after deploying the flash: [before moving to production]

  • AOS version [keep it simple from the same aos to the same aos and then upgrade if needed]
  • Some keys\secrets\password might not pass via backup flash. *check it*


  • interfaces - you should check very good your config after reloading the flash. vlans and ips
  • Don't forget all the licenses issue.
  • Check all your L2/L3 AAA servers & access profiles very good. *nas ip nas id and more*


Also read the following thread: [it will give u some ideas]




have a lovely week.




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Re: Upgrade from M1 to M3

all those steps are taken into account

after upgrading I have had to reaproval all ap under campus white list, they show the message like:


18 02:13:54 :399803:  <ERRS> |AP ap-S02.0.49_sw128.62_p2/0/24@ sapd|  An internal system error has occurred at file sapd_msg.c function sapd_proc_install_cert_req line 3164 error AP is unable to fix certificate chain. Controller certificate hierarchy may have changed. Re-approval needed..
Feb 18 02:13:56 :311002:  <WARN> |AP ap-S02.0.49_sw128.62_p2/0/24@ sapd|  Rebooting: SAPD: Unable to install cert. Need to re-approve AP


Is there some command to do it for all ap?

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Re: Upgrade from M1 to M3

I have a question I don't stop thinking about,

If a have a certificate from a CA in a controller M1 and I replace that controller with a new M3, doing restore "flash flashbackup.tar.gz", which certificate is used for CPSec, the previous one used in M1 or some new certificate shipped with the new M3?.


I asking that because after upgrading to M3, I have had to reaprove all my AP to install a new certificate and get ready with the new master.

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