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Upgrade issue over high latency links

Scenerio:  We have a controller that supports APs as RAPs over VSAT(high latency links) and in v5 train upgraded a couple of times in the v5 train without incident.  Now starting to put AP-104s out on the Rigs over VSAT and in testing when upgrading from v5 to v6.1.3.4 the APs seem to get stuck in an upgrade mode permanently.  The APs testing with are 92,93, and a 104 and they seem to work fine when we are in v5.0.3.3 and are consistent over 2 different VSAT providers.  Due to the latency we have to pre-provison them before we deploy them like we do our IPT phones as well, since tftp doesn't work too well(not at all due to latency) over the links.  So once they are provisioned and stood up over the link they operate as expected, but it is the actual upgrading where they hang up in upgrading state.  Currently we only have about 25 units so the upgrade issue is limited right now, but we are going to be headed up to about 400+ eventually and I am sure I will be upgrading in the v6 train and need to figure out what is different in the v6 upgrades that was there in the v5 train.  Has anyone seen this issue or know what may have changed in the upgrade process that hangs APs going from v5 upgrades to v6 upgrades??? 


It is manageble but right now but when we get to the 400+ we won't be able to switch them out as easily.  I am hoping to put a pair of controllers using vrrp in to support this but for now I am using the 2nd one to test with until I can get this resolved.

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Re: Upgrade issue over high latency links

We had the exact same issue when we upgraded to from


We had our ap on the local lan have difficulty upgrading but they finally got their load. Our remote office in NY none of the aps upgraded even though the controller showed they had upgraded and up and running. When we came on monday some of the APs showed they were up in NY and other showed they were down.


the latency to our NY office was less than 80 ms and the ap in NY were stuck. We ended up haveing to clear the os at least onece and some cases 2-3 times and then force a reboot from the cotroller before they would come on line.


There is a open TAC case we have which they are looking into I would recomed you do the same. I think we have documented a few bugs  in the .4 code release.


you are not alone.

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Re: Upgrade issue over high latency links



Kindly let us know if you have a TAC case open with regards to this issue ?



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Re: Upgrade issue over high latency links

Check out the post at the Following URL. There is a bug in the AOS prior to code causing problems loading firmware across a Wan and in some cases a LAN.


Campus AP Loading Across a WAN


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Re: Upgrade issue over high latency links

I do not have one yet.  I figured someone else might have seen it already hence the post....If I need to I can open a ticket on this, but due to the production APs are on v5.0.3.3 I have to leave them on their controller till i can make sure that they will upgrade successfully since they are on very remote vsat locations that move a lot...and it will be a problem if they cannot recover the APs back up.....

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