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Upgrade multiple controllers

I have a MAster and two locals that I need to upgrade from to  The Release Notes say:

1. Load the software image onto all controllers (including redundant master controllers).
2. If all the controllers cannot be upgraded with the same software image and reloaded simultaneously, use
the following guidelines:


They don't exactly say what to do if all the controllers *can* be upgraded/reloaded simultaneously.  Nor do they say just how simultaneous it needs to be.  Do I just reload the Master, wait for it to come up, then proceed with the Locals?  Type reload and hit enter on all three at the same time?

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Re: Upgrade multiple controllers

Pretty sure you should do the master first, then proceed with the locals.


To the best of my knowledge, having locals at a higher level the master will prevent them from receiving any sort of updates, but that may only be when jumping between codes (eg: 5.x to 6.x). 


I had my network at and upgraded a few controllers to 6.1.x for testing.  I had to change my RADIUS server IP and the only controllers that didn't receive that change via an update were the ones running 6.1.x.


I believe "simultaneous" may not be meant to be taken literally.  You should be okay to upgrade within a relatively short time period - my rep told me a few days would be more than fine....with the above caveat that changes may not work until all are running same code.

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Re: Upgrade multiple controllers

Thanks. In case anyone else reads this, it turns out that I was advised by our VAR to update local1 first, failing all WAPs over to the Master. Then, once local1 was up and reachable, fail back to it. That way, if we encountered any problems with local1, we could easily fail back to the Master and downgrade local1. We repeated the procedure with local2 and then did the Master last. Everything went fine.
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Re: Upgrade multiple controllers

thanks for the feedback, good one to remember.

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