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Upgrade process query

Hi, we currently have a pair of 7220 running in a master/local configuration, with APs terminated on both using the LMS IP.  We are currently on and want to upgrade to and am wondering whether I can perform a more controlled upgrade, other than the method described in the release notes (which is of course the recommendfed way!).


I would like to move the APs from the master to the local (by changing the AP group's lms ip), upgrade the master, then move all the APs over, then upgrade the local... would this be ok, or not really recommended?



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Re: Upgrade process query

Hi Friend,


You need to keep the following points in the mind.


First thing  you have keep in mind is downtime. once you upgrade the controller all APs will up download the updated code from the controller and reboot.


As a good practice,


1. You can try "AP Image preload" feature to reduce the AP downtime or



2. You have to change the LMS of all the APs to the Local and then upgrade the Master controller. 


2. Terminate only one AP on the Master after the upgrade and test the connectivity and then terminate other APs accordingly.



3. If you want you can enable centralised Image management on the Master so that it will upgrade the image of the Local otherwise upgrade the Local manually .


Hope you got some clarity on this.


Please feel free for any further help on this.



Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Upgrade process query

If the APs regularly terminate on the master, I would not change the LMS IP to run the upgrade process. You'd be better off planning for some downtime and simply running the upgrades on the controllers as the less changes the better.

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