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Upgrade to AOS 8


I am planning an AOS upgrade from 6.5 to 8. My current setup is one 7205 controller and one 7205 controller not setup. My plan is to add a virtual MM and then upgrade the secord controler to version 8 then terminate the APs on the new version 8 with minimal downtime does this sound like a good path?

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Re: Upgrade to AOS 8

That’s a good plan just make sure you point a single AP from your AOS6 environment and test all the different use cases before you move all the APs

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Re: Upgrade to AOS 8

I did this when going from 6.5.4.x to 8.2.x.x.  


Good or bad, I migrated my configuration using the migration tool which worked fairly well.  The configuration migrated over fairly painlessly - note that the individual ap configuration capability was apparently deleted from the GUI.  You can still do this from the CLI, but it's not as friendly.  The AP's will take a little while to boot the first time - I remember something abouta  double boot.


I would second the idea of migrating one or two over first - you can modify a specific AP's DHCP configuraiton to point to the new controller IP address.  I'm uncertain of your implementation size, but I migrated ~ 1,200 ap's without much pain using this plan.



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Re: Upgrade to AOS 8

As the other replies stated, the logic seems good. I just wanted to add a couple of additional comments. Bring up a second virtual MM and configure VRRP between them. You don't need any licenses, the only requirement is some additional VM resources.


Also, if you haven't already, consider setting up both of your 7205s as a cluster. It's extremely easy to do and will provide you with stateful failover. Clustering rocks!


I hope this helps,

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