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Upgraded firmware to now stuck in verifying state

Hi brains, just wondering if anyone could perhaps shed some light on why an IAP that reports in logs that it's successfully been upgraded from to just gets stuck at the verifying config stage in Airwave? Not sure what we're doing wrong... we duplicated the group, changed the firmware version setting, moved the AP and VC that we wanted to upgrade into said group and let Airwave work its magic (*edit: not sure if I need to mention that the VC and AP are same device at 1 small remote site). Only now we can't access it by IP although if I look at our firewall logs I can see the IAP sending packets to random NTP servers. I can do packet captures but unless there's something fairly specific I should be looking for then I'm not sure it would be worthwhile as I'm not too familiar with understanding the captured data or what to look out for.


Any advice would be appreciated as we have a lot of firmware to upgrade and don't want to have to do them all manually.





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Re: Upgraded firmware to now stuck in verifying state

Hi Michelle,


It's hard to say what the problem is. Are you using template or GUI based configuration in Airwave? If it is GUI based, have you upgraded the firmware version in Airwave of the Instant GUI configuration?

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Re: Upgraded firmware to now stuck in verifying state

What Airwave version are we on? Does the monitor page of IAP shows the right version on Airwave?

As Willem mentioned is the Instant GUI page for the group holding the same policy version?

Opening a TAC case will help in narrowing down the issue quickly.



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Re: Upgraded firmware to now stuck in verifying state

Have you checked the memory usage on airwave to see if it's close to maxed out. I have seen this before and an Airwave Server reboot fixed the issue.

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