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Upgraded from to - no issues!

I suppose there's nothing to report, but sometimes that's good and I figure a success story is rare.


Last week (Thursday) we upgraded 7 36xx and two 72xx controllers from AOS6.3.1.2 to


Aside from the firmware pull for all of the 600+ AP60/65, AP92/93 and AP104/105 going over the allotted 30 minutes, everything went smoothly.


Now almost 5 days later, there have been no complaints about any negative impact to wireless use - of course there haven't been and comments about improvements, but I've learned not to expect those.


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Re: Upgraded from to - no issues!

Agreed.  The only (non) issue I saw in going from to was the new 'rf arm-rf-domain-profile' parameter.


Normally I like to disconnect the locals from the master, and then upgrade everything.  Once all the locals are upgraded and APs are up, I join the locals to the master again.  In this case, they stayed down case the 'arm-rf-domain-profile' key had not been pushed down from the master.


Once the locals were joined to the master again, the APs all came back no problem.

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ACCP, ACCX #817, ACMP, ACMX #294
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