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Upgraded to (from and started getting old neighbors as rogues

Within a few minutes of the upgrade we started getting neighbors (previously listed as suspected-neighbors in RAPIDS) upgraded to Rogue status.

Specifically they are now triggering "detected wirelessly" and "detected on LAN"


What appears to have changed is that these devices, which have been regularly reported by the individual iAPs as "Wireless AP scan" (in the air) are now getting reported by the VC as "Wireline Aruba Instant Data" (on the wire) and Airwave is making a good seeming decision.


What's suspect is that these devices have never been so correlated and I don't think that nefarious folks at 30 or more locations all suddenly decided to hook their home and internet cafe wireless APs into my network at the same time.


Any one else getting these, or got a tip to make it go away?


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