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Upgrading from AP 105 -- Recommend AP 225 or AP115

Our Aruba sales engineer gave me really good information of replacing the AP 105s with AP 115s or AP225.  Such as if we would use AP 115s, we would still need the AP 135s for higher density areas. 


I was thinking if we would at some point start replacing the AP 105s, I would go with the AP225, due to the density and performance.  We are running the 3600 controllers on code 6.3, which is needed for the AP225 or the AP 115.  My thinking is that we should replace the 105s with the AP225 and keep the AP deployment consistent, plus being able to in the future cut down the number of APs needed in the environment, and also saving costs.


We do have a couple higher density areas and traffic would never hit the performance of 802.11ac, but would my thinking be right about cost savings?  Or with the mix of 802.11n and 802.11ac, would it be recommended still to run the AP 115s?  

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Re: Upgrading from AP 105 -- Recommend AP 225 or AP115



Your thinking is correct.  The AP225 offers more CPU in addition to 802.11ac extensions, so that you can benefit your high density clients in two ways.





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Re: Upgrading from AP 105 -- Recommend AP 225 or AP115

Agreed - for all upgrades in edu/office/employee environments, I would strongly encourage the AP225.  Not only is it good for 11ac but it helps 11n users as well.  The real world results we are seeing are outstanding!

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Re: Upgrading from AP 105 -- Recommend AP 225 or AP115

It seems like the IAP-115 is a replacement for the IAP-135 model. Does it have more processor capabilities compared to the IAP-135? 

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