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Upgrading from MSM760 Controller and 422/430 APs

I am upgrading our wireless system from MSM 760 controller and 422/430 APs to 315/325.  I am having an issue getting clients to get to the outside world and even the internal world for that matter. I have an internal DHCP server running W2k12 R2 and also have a 2930M core switch. I must admit that I am a bit lost as the new IAP controllerless setup is a ton different than the 760 Controller.


When I get an IAP on the network I can get to the virtual controller and create the SSIDs for connections but must be missing on how to allow the network traffic through.

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Re: Upgrading from MSM760 Controller and 422/430 APs

Are you tagging VLANs from your 2930M core switch to the IAPs? 


The IAP cluster will treat wireless users in one of two ways. It will either connect users to a wired VLAN, or it can place users on an internal VLAN and then NAT the wireless traffic out to the wired network using the Virtual Controller's IP address.


When you configured the SSID on the IAP, did you select the Client VLAN assignment as default, static, or dynamic?

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Re: Upgrading from MSM760 Controller and 422/430 APs

Sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification that you responded.  I have since been able to figure out the config of the VC with VLAN.


I do have another question but I'll create a new thread for that.

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