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Upgrading infrastructur

I need to ugprade my wifi infrastructure.

I have the following:

  -  Clearpass servers
  -  Airwave server
  -  Clusters (approx 4-30 APs each)


I want to update the IAPs first.
Will this cause any conflict with my Airwave or Clearpass?


Model - 325 (Hercules?)

IAPs Current Firmware:
Airwave Current Firmware:
Clearpass: Clustered on CP-VA-5K platform

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Re: Upgrading infrastructur

You'll want to read the release notes for each installed version (Airwave/Clearpass/iAP).

Specifically, if you're managing the iAP clusters from Airwave, you'll want Airwave to be new enough to understand the new iAP configuration options.

I'd upgrade Airwave first, then either the iAP-clusters or Clearpass.


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