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Use Campus APs in Controllerless Environment

I have an Aruba Controller 7010, Campus APs 315 and 275. It was already configured and working, serving internal and guest network. I thought, CAPs and IAPs is one model convertible to one another, but it turns out they are different.  Our supplier didn't say anything either.


My problem is if our controller is down, is there any configuration or set-up we could do with our CAPs to continue to work(for the meantime)? Buying a secondary controller is not a choice right now.


Thank you in advance.

Re: Use Campus APs in Controllerless Environment

If the AP is a CAP (as opposed to IAP converted to a CAP) then you will need to restore the controller as this holds all of the central configuration.There is only minimal changes which you can make on a CAP (such as IP addressing, master IP etc) without a controller.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Use Campus APs in Controllerless Environment



From my point of view you have no change, sorry. If you order an AP (not an IAP) the AP can't convert to an IAP. 


Maybe you can try to flash an IAP Firmware on the CAP. But may an offical supporter can verfiy it first. ;) I have never test this.

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