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User Idle Timeout

Hi, is there any way i can make the user idle timeout a per SSID? Currently my customer has Staff SSID(WPA2-PSK) and Guest SSID(external captive portal), they want the Staff SSID to have an idle timeout of 8hrs and the Guest of 30mins. I see the User Idle Timeout setting in the controller but it seems that it applies to all users regardless of what SSID or role they get. Is there any way i can have separate idle timeouts for the two SSIDs? Thank you.

Re: User Idle Timeout

This is not possible under the 5.x or 6.1.x AOS code , what code are you running ?
on 6.2 you can define this under the SSID profile : Station Ageout Time

If you do have 6.2 , you should probably open a TAC case to consult whether it is recommended to change the default value 1000secs
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: User Idle Timeout

Thanks vfabian for the reply. I thought station ageout time is the time where the controller holds the user's info after the user disconnects? Anyway i will try this, i'm actually a bit confused withthe two.
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