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Using 8.X virtual controller with two interfaces and 1 Vswitch


I'm having a hard time configuring the virtual 8.x controller with two interfaces being that I need to separate each interface with different traffic, being internal (0/0/0) CORP network with 802.1x and external (0/0/2) GUEST with captive portal and only 1 Vswitch and two port group.
In my lab I only managed to use this scenario with only 2 vswitch, being 1 Vmnic for each Vswitch, that is, I have 1 vswitch with 1 port group and 1 separate vmnic to work, all with Switch Standard.
Question: Is it possible to use this scenario with only 1 Vswitch standard?
Does it work with 1 Distributed VSwitch?
I have not found any Aruba documentation reporting this issue or setting for this virtualized environment with these settings.

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