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Using AP-ANT-38 with a AP-134

I'm setting these up to create a backhaul from a remote building to the main buildings portal.


I have a couple questions


1) I have 3 antenna wires labled -45, 90 or V, and +45. On the AP-134, the ports are labled ANT0, ANT1, and ANT2. I couldn't find documentation that stated which should be matched up so I connected them in order as if they were mounted on a wall. It's in the attached picture. So that -45 goes to ANT0, 90 goes to ANT1, AND +45 goes to ANT2. Is this the correct way to connect them?


2) I want to understand the polarization V, and Slant +/-45 deg. better but can't find a document that explaines clearly. Can you point me in the right direction?


Thank you


Re: Using AP-ANT-38 with a AP-134

I beleive this shouldn't matter. They way you have the cables connected now are fine

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Re: Using AP-ANT-38 with a AP-134

Would you have any ideas on the second question?



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