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Using PEF to restrict DHCP

Setting up a 3600 for my customer. Multiple VAPs... and they have a small pool of addresses within their big flat class B that can get through the proxy without 802.1x. Therefore they want me to set up an SSID for these devices and a DHCP server, but I don't want the other SSIDs or devices outside of the Aruba system to be able to be served addresses from this pool. I can't really set up a VLAN since it's just a small segment within How can I do this with the PEF? Is it possible? They say their WLC is doing it, so I hope I can come up with an answer. Perhaps there's another approach that I'm missing altogether as well...


Thanks in advance!, btw.






Re: Using PEF to restrict DHCP

How about DHCP reservations for these devices then they can just use the same SSID.

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